Open Webmail Help Tutorials >> Additional Instructions for Working with Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering system analyzes the content and other attributes of each incoming message to score the likelihood of it being undesirable and unsolicited junk (spam). Sometimes this score causes a message to be blocked, even if you have received messages from this email address in the past. In order to insure that this will not happen, add your important contact email addresses into your WebMail Address Book. If an email address is added to the WebMail Address Book, messages from that address will not be blocked or delayed in the future.

Another way to insure important email messages come directly to your inbox is to first send a message to the sender. This will flag our filtering system that the message from that address is from a friendly source. This method will only work if you are using our server for your outgoing mail server (

It's a good idea to check your WebMail "Blocked" and "Spam" folders if someone has told you they sent you an email. The "Blocked" folder is the most likely place to find such a message.

Click the "import address" icon to quickly add an email address to your address book. If you find that a valid email message has been blocked, open it in WebMail and click the icon that looks like a small head with a green checkmark. It is located to the right of the "From" address. This will allow you to import the message sender to your WebMail Address Book. The person's name and email address will automatically fill the appropriate fields in the Address Book form. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click "Save." Then all future messages from that email address will bypass our spam filters.